The Rolling Thunder Series will travel to three venues next year, along with full fields of competitors in the Midget, Sprint Car and Super Saloon classes.
Round 1 will be hosted by the team at Robertson Holden Speedway in Palmerston North on Saturday the 16th February 2019. There is a rain-out day for the following day should it be required.
Round 2 heads to Kihikihi Speedway the following weekend, Saturday 23rd February 2019. The team at Kihikihi Speedway are looking forward to this Series heading their way. Again, the Sunday will be the rain-out date should we need it.
Round 3 will return to Springs Speedway at Western Springs on Saturday the 3rd March 2019.
The Series is very happy to have maintained its partnerships with both JA Russell Ltd and Marley, these two companies loved being involved with the Series last year with great feedback from their clients who were invited along to see the racing action at the tracks.
The prize pool is still set at $90,000 across the three divisions which have now filled, so entries are now closed. Each class now boasts strong fields of 20 cars in each which ensures the racing will be as good as it gets.




Date: Saturday 23rd February 
Start Time: 5.00pm
Gates Open: 3.00pm
Location: 53 Grey Street, Kihikihi 3800
Rainout Date: Sunday 24th February 


Available: On the gate

Adults: $25
Family (2 adults + maximum 4 children): $50
Children 5 years & under: Free
Children 6 years to 16 years: $10
Students with ID: $10
Seniors with Gold Card: $10


  • Midgets
  • Super Saloons
  • Sprintcars
  • Ministocks 
  • TQ Midgets


Food Truck




  • 1NZ Michael Pickens
  • 2NZ Brad Mosen 
  • 3NZ Shayne Alach
  • 7A Travis Buckley 
  • 7V Glen Huijs
  • 9C Tom Lumsden 
  • 9USA Zach Damm
  • 12V Brent Huijs
  • 21A Carl Worboys
  • 21V Peter Huijs
  • 22A James Earl
  • 24S Mark Willoughby
  • 25A Scott Buckley 
  • 27A Hayden Williams
  • 33A James Cossey 
  • 37V Ben Huijs
  • 41A Ricky McGough 
  • 42S Greg Jones 
  • 55A Hamish Dobbin
  • 56A David Pellow
  • 61A Brad Hollier 
  • 63A Jayden Worthington 
  • 68S Chris Bagrie
  • 79A Max Guilford 
  • 87A Leon Burgess
  • 91A Hayden Guptill 
  • 95S Duane Hickman 
  • 96A Chris McCutcheon 
  • 98A Caleb Antonio-Rooney


  • 2NZ Jamie Larsen
  • 3NZ Michael Pickens 
  • 6M James Dahm
  • 11K Raymond Griffin
  • 12ADean Shadbolt
  • 18P Greg Pickerall
  • 21W Steven Taylor
  • 21A Kerry Bocas
  • 22A Dean Brindle
  • 35A Rob Vazey
  • 37K Jade Barnett
  • 46E Patrick North
  • 47K Johnathan Martin
  • 51K Brad Curtain
  • 66K Skinny Colson
  • 71A Jamie McDonald
  • 73K Brian Edwards
  • 78A Daniel Eggleton
  • 84P Dean Cooper
  • 88M Keaton Dahm


  • 2NZ Peter Hunnibell  
  • 4A Troy Pennington 
  • 6B Duane Todd
  • 7A Josh Melrose
  • 7B Michael Gurnett
  • 8A Lawrence Baker 
  • 9A Morgan McHugh
  • 11A Tim Ferguson 
  • 14A Paul Le Cren
  • 14B Chris Wiffin 
  • 16A Ryan Barry 
  • 18A Shaun Cooke 
  • 28B Chris Mahoney
  • 32B Kris Gillies
  • 35A Cieran Rose
  • 41A Jakeb Le Cren 
  • 64A Gina Harris
  • 67A Kaleb Currie
  • 71A Danny Keene
  • 76A Daryl Hanlon
  • 76B Doug Morris
  • 85A Warren Sare 
  • 97A Ben Morrison 


  • 2NZ Chris Cowling 
  • 8K Craig Korff
  • 11E Peter Dickson 
  • 16R Mark Osborne 
  • 19M Matt Smith
  • 23B Mick Quinn 
  • 24W Martin Halcrow 
  • 26E Shane McIntyre 
  • 27K Joe Ingram
  • 41M Terry Corin 
  • 42M Alan Jacob 
  • 49M Bodie Abrahamson 
  • 53M Mark Hutchins
  • 77K Ross Cresswell 
  • 96A Lance Jennings 
  • 124M Dan Corrin 


    • 8K Jordana Furer
    • 11S Braith Kalin 
    • 11M Royden Crawford 
    • 12S Cory Ward 
    • 12H Harry Hodson 
    • 23R Caleb Ashton
    • 25K Jake Belk
    • 28K Mackenzie Fitzgerald
    • 47K Kam Castleton 
    • 48K Ben Downie-Boyte 
    • 48S Jayke McGrath
    • 51S Mason Ward 
    • 53M Caleb Hutchins
    • 56K Reagan Tyler
    • 67K Blake Castleton 
    • 84K Jack Means
    • 92R Jayden Fraser
    • 93R Flynn Fraser
    • 94H Imogen Whitaker




    53 Grey Street
    Kihikihi, 3800
    Waikato, New Zealand
    Ph: 07 871 3333 (Race days only)