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2012 Projects
3 November Working Bee

crowd control gates being fitted to both pit gates

Fill-ins welded in to finish off the pit gates

started closing in under the control tower for more storage

framing erected for more sponsorship signage on the front straight
The New Fence is Finished - 26 October

new fence finished

toilet block painted

wall concreted and back filled

some earthworks completed

pit lane widened
One Step Closer - 22 and 23 September Working Bees
Great to see a few new faces attend what has become our weekend sabbatical
The old lights have gone back in

We have two sets left over but there seems to be more around the track?!?

The concrete wall needs repair

Lots of energy went into the first stage of this fix

Those wire ropes have started to go back into place

Pix courtesy of Linda Hayes
Still loads of work left to do before our first race day. Working Bee this Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 September
Fence Mesh and Scrutineering Pads - 15 and 16 September

All the mesh has gone up from turn 1 to turn 4

Scrutineer pads are good to go
thanks to Debbie Pullar, Rob Andrews and Chris Bailey for the pix
Mesh for Safety Fence - 14 September
Mesh arrived today in the nic of time! Working Bee Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September. BE THERE!!
The Posts are In - 9 September
Over the weekend, the 88 wire rope posts were rammed into place with the help of ROSETOWN WAIKATO FENCING. Many thanks to RWF as it has been the loan of this digger multiple times at no cost to us that has relieved huge financial pressure from the shoulders of the club

RWF digger at work along with 2 young Ministock drivers that put in a solid 8 hour day. Impressive Guys!

One down 44 to go! Scooter and Frosty drilling 1.5m into clay for the catch fence posts. Great effort Lads.

It took two days but all the catch fence posts are in too
Pix courtesy of Linda Hayes
Work… work… and more work - 4 September
Over the past four weeks there has been a whole heap more work go into the track. Posts have been welded together and D's have been welded on by Blair and the Edwards family. New electrical wiring has gone in for the track lights with the aid of Ken from ACE HEDGE CUTTING and his 'multi-purpose' digger and the bike track has been reshaped thanks to 0508 EXCAVATOR for many hours spent shifting dirt

The reshaped bike track as of 4 September
Pix courtesey of Phill Bailey
Another Successful Working Bee - 4 August
We scheduled a working bee for a full day Saturday and half day Sunday but thanks to a lot of hard work on Saturday, there was no need to front up Sunday

All 70 plus posts moved, concrete removed, old lugs and height extensions ground off and readied for new D's to be welded on

The embankment was reshaped, ready for the posts to go back

The new scrutineering pad area was dug out, ready for concreting
Speakers were removed from their old mountings and the roof on the clubrooms repaired

Thanks to those who braved the weather and helped get us thru a mountain of work, especially Bob from the North Shore, Sharlene for the pie and baked goodies, and Kev
Offset Printers Fundraiser - 7 July
Offset Printers in Frankton donated us a job shifting several printing presses that netted the club $3500. This will go towards the new safety fence. Thanks to those members that helped, a special thanks to 0508 EXCAVATOR, 4WD & COMMERCIAL PARTSWORLD and CARTERS for the use of the heavy machinery and an extra big thank you to the non-members only too willing to help us on the day

Photos courtesy of Linda Hayes
The Big Strip Fundraiser
Lifting carpet glued to a concrete floor isn't my idea of fun but throw a 2K posse together, a sniff of a few beers at the end and well, it wasn't too bad. To be fair, I turned up late due to work commitments and most of the work was done but my thirty odd minutes at the end of a spade certainly warmed me up!

Cheers to Bob, Rossco, Russel & Caleb, Dan V, Dan C, Geoff, Tubbie & Tubbie, Frosty (how's those blisters lol), Phill & Chris Bailey, Blair & Womble - many hands make light work so thank you all

Also a BIG THANK YOU to Bruce Reeves of Bruce's Fitness Centre on George Street, Te Awamutu, for offering us this work that's put $1000 in the kitty to go towards the new safety fence

Cheers all

Safety Fence Project - Stage 1
Stage One - All mesh and wire ropes removed by a small group of Kihikihi Members - Pictured Brian and Scooter, Tubbie, Frosty, Caleb and Russel Hayes - Thanks to those who helped.

We've got a job to remove commercial carpet that's been glued to a concrete floor in a gym next weekend. It's a thousand $$ towards the fence so I'll get some pix of that to add. Once Paul Wade gets his earthmovers in there I'll get more pix. Plus we got a huge printing press to move in a month or so which will be 4K into the kitty. Also got an off-season calendar but will let you know more once all of this gets finalised.

Photos courtesy of Linda Hayes
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